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Its time to build our own Equifax with blackjack and crypto

We must make it so that a hacker with a fast connection and knowledge of the tar command cannot drag our data off of a secure server. Equifax, for its part, has all but given up. Their security site – a site where you type in the last six digits of your SSN and your last name to see if you’ve been hacked – seems to be down and/or attacked by phishing scammers . This kind of technical incompetence is disgusting. Mistakes happen. Unfortunately, they tend to matter more at the very organizations where time, ineptitude, and complacence have reduced data security to a tertiary concern, well under “deciding what’s for lunch” and “increasing shareholder value.” These old organizations – Equifax was founded in 1899 and hasn’t changed much since inception – must die, to be replaced by solutions that (and I shudder to say this) blockchain-based. I shudder because I know that the dangers to our data are far more expansive if we hand them over to the cryptoratii but, ultimately, this must be the way we go. There is precedent for this sort of technological shift. Twenty years ago if you told a CTO that she would one day pick a homegrown operating system full of bugs and spaghetti code over Microsoft she would have laughed you out of the office. “No one gets fired for buying Microsoft,” was the old saying.

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